Golden Fleece Artists: D





Gerry Davis Merit Award 2016, 2017 Painting Studio 10

Garvan de Bruir Merit Award 2009 Woodwork Sculptural Swings

Completed Laminate for Swing

Buildings in progress

Timber Laminating

Timber Buildings

Oak Lamps

Adeline Dolan Shortlisted 2008 Research into Vegetable Dyes Wool dyed with blackberry

Shades of elderberry

Shades of gorse and indigo

Wool dyed with borage

Wool dyed with gorse

Wool dyed with turmeric

Chloë Dowds Merit Award 2017 Ceramics Tea Set

Fiona Dowling Shortlisted 2005 Visual Arts - Painting Ooh Baby it's a wild world


My Favourite Pastime

Clown for Dinner

This is how we do it

Seek and Hide

Terry Dunne Shortlisted 2002 Textiles - Tapestry Weaving Swirling Heavens