Gerry Davis


Gerry Davis. Merit Award 2017

Medium: Visual Arts - Painting


Gerry Davis also won a Merit Award in 2016.

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In the past year I have succeeded in realizing a cohesive body of work relating to artists studios, the culmination of which was exhibited in a solo show at Pallas Projects in October. In making these paintings I feel I have found a way to pursue my own curiosities as a painter and as an Irish artist. I see the last solo show as a strong foundation from which to carry on, and am eager to develop the work to a higher, more articulate level. With this in mind I aim to continue working in a more determined manner and have another solo show in 2018, with more concise, more ambitious work. The merit award from last year was invaluable in affording me the time to make the paintings, and their production would not have been possible without it, as this type of work requires maintaining a full-time practice while simultaneously managing the costs of studio rent, materials, transport of work, subsistence etc.

Artist Statement

My last body of work focused on artists spaces in Wickham St Studios in Limerick. While making the paintings I began to reflect on the socio-economic difficulties that face practicing artists in Ireland today. I noticed that many members of Wickham St Studios were absent for long stretches of time, and found the absence of activity to be the most interesting and curious facet of the work I was making. This is something that I would be interested in exploring further in a wider context in my next body of work.