Paul Hallahan


Paul Hallahan. Golden Fleece Award 2018

Medium: Acrylic on canvas


Sun comes up sun goes down This is normal Shame Nothing that is human is alien to me Abraxas 1 Abraxas 2


I have applied for the Golden Fleece award in order to help me expand my practice and work towards a number of exhibitions I will be taking part in in 2018 and 2019, one in the RHA and one n DLR Lexicon. In the past two years I have stepped away from a curator role and back to an art maker full time and in doing so I have worked hard and developed my practice with fervor and determination. The award would help me to develop the work even further and allow me to keep my studio running.

At present I do not work a full time job to support my practice which I have done for the past two years and while this has allowed me more time in the studio and time to travel to meet interested institutions and curators it has been hard to keep up the energy with a limited budget. The award will take some of these pressures away from me and allow me to continue with the energy I have had for the past number of years in my practice and further my career. I feel my practice is on a cusp and it is gaining attention at the moment, I would love the opportunity to build on this in 2018.

Artist Statement

My practice is primarily based in painting with interests in non-image based abstraction for today's world. I have worked in art for nearly 10 years, in 2009 I set up and ran a gallery in Waterford city called Soma Contemporary and ran it for 3 years. Subsequently I curated various exhibitions around Ireland, working with many leading contemporary Irish and international artists. Three years ago I decided to step back from curating and fully focus on my own practice, which I was always working on but had in some ways had not had my full attention. I was awarded a studio in Independent studios in 2015 and since that point I have fully devoted my time and income to my practice. I moved from primarily video based work back to painting at this stage, as a response of working within the tech industry and seeing how the world engaged so much with moving image and screen based technology. I looked back at how some colour field theories from the 1960's could be applied to todays world, making paintings that in some ways are out of focus. Acrylic inks on canvas was how I chose to make my paintings, as it could allow me to focus on the canvas as well and the compositions I was making, never hiding the materials within my work.

My method of working has allowed me to work large and small and using scale as an element of the work, most of my work is connected by ratio. The work has gained a lot of attention since showing it more in 2017, with a solo exhibition at Eight gallery in Dublin and I have been chosen to be part of Pallas's annual yearly review exhibition Periodical Review by assistant Imma curator Rachel Gilbourne.