Stevan Hartung. Golden Fleece Award Winner 2009

Medium: Woodworking and furniture making

Drawers on stand drawers 3 Drawers 2 Cabinet Table Table with drawers


With the help of a German craftsman woodworker, I have constructed the oak frame for a much-needed extension to my workshop entirely using traditional skills and materials. When completed, as the work I do is very much grounded in the ethos of craftsmanship, the space will be an inspiration to work in. The award would allow me to completely finish the project in the spirit in which it began, and do justice to the beautiful oak frame.

Extract from Artist Statement

Over the past year I have been working on a series of small cabinets on stands, in rare and unusual woods. Some of these are sets of drawers, some are boxes, none taller than chest height. Each has its own distinct character which is determined by the combination of wood, texture, shaping and finish. Although each piece is unique, they are linked by an exploration of the relationship between the materials and the form, and the relationship between the internal and the external space. This work will culminate in a solo exhibition in the latter half of 2009. The award would allow me to take time away from the commercial environment necessary to complete the remaining pieces for my exhibition as well as completing the extension to the workshop building