Lee John Lee. Golden Fleece Award 2017

Medium: Woodworking - Furniture design

Website: http://www.johnleefurniture.com/

John Lee was also shortlisted for the Golden Fleece Award in 2011 and 2012



Being creative with wood is something I've embraced from an early age. I'm fortunate to have established a career designing and making bespoke furniture since the opening of my workshop in 2004. The intricate nature of my craft is very time consuming and labour intensive within the commercial constraints of running a small business.

The main focus of my work has been designing and making fine bespoke furniture on a client commission basis for specific spaces and locations and to a defined budget.

I am applying for the Golden Fleece Award to provide the financial support to develop and create a fresh new body of work with a vision of exhibiting to an international audience. In recent years, I've been unable to develop and create speculative new pieces for this purpose due to the economic climate.

Apart from the obvious financial boost, the award would also help me rejuvenate creativity and progress my work to a new level. The assistance would help me fully embrace future exhibition opportunities, invest in new equipment, materials and promotion.

Most importantly, at this strategic stage in my career, it would allow me the time to develop a new creative vision without restraint. It also would further enhance my ability to develop as an artist and to open a new chapter in the evolution of my work.

Artist Statement

"Flowing between the boundaries of fine furniture and fine art, John Lee's name has become synonymous with innovative design and exceptional craftsmanship."

Inspired by naturally occurring geometric forms and the effects of weathering and erosion, my current work is exploring the enhancement of timber's natural properties whilst experimenting with form, function and finish. The genesis of many concepts have been conceived in the rugged beauty of our native landscape. Concentrating on making my furniture more sensually appealing, I've been investigating textured finishes by exposing the timbers natural grain patterns on free flowing dynamic forms. My work often features contrasting smooth and textured surfaces and I've been using an innovative reconstruction process to bend the grain to follow the form of the piece. Careful attention is paid to the scale, proportion and refinement of each piece where I aspire for design and craftsmanship to become seamless whilst remaining true to the material I work with.