Helen McAllister. Golden Fleece Award Winner 2002

Medium: Embroidered shoe forms

Website: http://helenmcallister.com/

Brittle Steps Don't Walk Pink Ensemble Pink Red Untitled

About the Artist

Helen needed to research and acquire training in new techniques with design and materials. She draws much of her inspiration from the concepts, techniques and motifs of Venetian 16th century textiles and shoes. Her project included plans for a return to Venice to further her training.

Since becoming the first winner of the Golden Fleece Award, Helen McAllister has completed a practice-based PhD at the National College of Art and Design (NCAD) in Dublin, and is now Head of the Fashion and Textile Department at NCAD. In 2012, she joined the Golden Flece Award's artist assessment panel.

For some good insights into her work, see this July 2013 Textile Artist interview with her.


Beauty in Nature (2012)

Beauty in Nature