Stuart McGrath. Golden Fleece Award Winner 2006

Medium: Stone Carving

Ceiling Boss Oak Leaf Rosette Headstone Heraldry Tablets

About the Artist

Stuart McGrath worked as a master craftsman in stone, using traditional methods of stonecutting by hand. His aim was "To re-ignite the tradition and promote the craft of high quality stonework through education and awareness in Ireland as it has become a lost art".

A retired stonemason was prepared to donate him a building where he could set himself up to develop a stone carving business and create a body of work for exhibition. Golden Fleece funding enabled him to renovate and transform the building into a functional stone carving workshop.

2014 update : Stuart had to rethink his vocation following a serious bicycle accident and has turned to his passion for designing hand crafted contemporary jewellery based on the principles and craftsmanship learnt through sculpture. His new jewellery company is called Armoura, and here is an example of his exquisite design and workmanship (copyright


Irish Elk (neckpiece of gold plated silver with black Swarowski crystals, 2014)

Irish Elk neckpiece