Fiona Mulholland. Special Award 2017

Medium: Sculpture and Jewellery


Glow Glow Pendants Glow Neckpieces Magic Mirage Weeping and Willows


I am applying for assistance in purchasing an Epilog laser cutting machine which would facilitate the fabrication of dynamic new works for exhibition, commission and retail. I have been offered the opportunity to acquire a second hand Epilog laser cutting machine from a reputable company for €5,000. I have previously used this particular machine so I am familiar with its capabilities and history.

Having the Epilogue laser cutting machine at my disposal presents an exciting opportunity not only in terms of developing new works but my CAD skills also.

The price point for this machine is infinitely more affordable than purchasing a new one which are currently super expensive. It facilitates an entry point into digital fabrication which is innumerably more advantageous as opposed to continuing to sub-contract laser cutting. Removing previous constraints of time and costs allows me much greater design flexibility in my practice.

The intended outcome is part research based into incorporating new materials, part fabrication using laser cut modular units. These elements will combine to expand my portfolio of works whilst achieving a higher caliber of production in terms of developing, prototyping and testing out new concepts for both my small and larger scale works. Thereafter bringing the laser cut units back to the bench to incorporate traditional metalwork techniques in both precious/non-precious metals.

I want to fully embrace these new technologies as part of my work and reflect current practice. The benefits of receiving this support is invaluable to me at this time - investment in production methods will prove highly beneficial in a constructive and sustainable way therefore facilitating further opportunities for promotion both nationally and internationally. I will be focusing full time on developing a new body of work from the beginning of January, releasing the first of the collections in spring 2017.

Artist Statement

As an inter-disciplinary artist for twenty years, I often use a variety of media and realise both small and larger scale works. In sculptural works I use appropriated materials along with universal symbols in order to investigate the tensions between 'dreams', 'fantasy' and the ephemera of modern living. I have realised several large scale public works most notably 'The Commemorative Tower to the Hobblers' in DunLaoghaire Harbour as well as participating in numerous group exhibitions and solo exhibitions both nationally and internationally.

Currently questioning how we solicit spaces/places of retreat whether physical or psychological, my concern is to make objects which hover between illusive and poetic yet often 'artificial' landscapes. I reduce elements to their component parts to present poetic configurations made from common mass produced materials, creating a sculptural 'bricolage' aesthetic, that cross-reference conflicting narratives of 'nature' and 'culture'.

A common thread in recent works is the use of light and reflective surfaces to draw attention to the nature of transience, the interdependence between atmosphere, space and the effects of materiality and form.

As an extension to my practice in sculpture, I recently returned to my roots in jewellery design. My ethos lies in exploring the relationship between contemporary craftsmanship and cutting edge design with the objective of establishing a sustainable enterprise which allows me to use my creative skills in a constructive way into the future.

Inspired by light, colour and minimalistic forms, my jewellery collections are based on the formal geometric principles. Consisting of individual modular units that are created by riveting together layers of coloured Plexiglas combined with precious metal which fully exploit the luminosity of the material. Described by Manchán Magan as, "…. uncompromisingly contemporary, but still rooted in traditional-making techniques. The natural edge of the Plexiglas refracts and filters like a futuristic, mongrel diamond".