Yanny Petters. Merit Award 2017

Medium: Painting on Glass

Website: http://www.yannypetters.net/

Bee Orchid Marsh Helleborine Rosehips Teasel Meadow Wild Strawberry


I specialise in Verre Églomisé/Reverse Painting on Glass, a very old technique once used to paint icons. Irish wild plants are my theme and I raise awareness of their fragility and beauty. My technique makes precious that which modern farm practices often threaten and I endeavour to share with the public my fascination with the minutiae of local habitats.

I am applying for the Golden Fleece funding as I find the development of my work is constantly restricted due to lack of funds. My income is from part time tutoring and selling my paintings.

I intend to investigate how I can bring my work to a wider audience, while developing paintings which can be site specific. To maximise the impact of my message I need to increase my skills in decorative glass techniques such as acid etching, sand blasting and gilding.

The next two years will be divided between research and training, and the production of prototype pieces. During 2017 I will spend time in retreat at The Tyrone Guthrie Centre to develop my theme undistracted. I plan to do a course in decorative glass techniques in the UK with David Smith. I will also avail of the expertise of glass companies in Dublin such as A.C.Taylor with regard to glass finishes and on site installation. Budget breakdown attached.

Artist Statement

My work is inspired by the minutiae of wild plants. I explore the detail, colour and form within the realm of nature and the environment. My wish is to share with the viewer my fascination with the beautiful and bizarre in a world which we all too easily take for granted.