Natasha Rollinson


Natasha Rollinson. Shortlisted 2018

Medium: Jewellery


Interlocking Ring Sets 'Curve' Interlocking Pendant 'Pearl' Interlocking Ring Set 'Square' Interlocking Ring Set Interchangeable Pendant Set Reversible Pendant


I am applying for the Award to fund equipment for my studio. I have pursued jewellery with passion for the last 14 years, honing my skills and craft with an end goal of my own sustainable jewellery brand, using traditional and modern techniques to create long lasting, design led contemporary jewellery. I have been employed as a goldsmith in London under some of the leading Irish jewellers there for the last six years and alongside this I began to make more of my own work. I have been struggling with juggling both to find the means to equip my own workshop.

Now based back in Ireland I am setting up my atelier. I currently undertake commission work for bespoke, one off pieces and whilst I wish to build on this I also want to push the development and promotion of my fine jewellery collection to collectors, galleries, and shows both within Ireland and UK and further afield. A website launching later this year will also help with this.

Assistance in purchasing these items would help in a number of ways, firstly it would allow me to complete items to a higher technical level than I am able to without them. I am familiar with all of the tools as had access to them in previous workshops and am currently having to go without, borrow or visit, or look into outsourcing. With a fully equipped studio I will continue to grow technically as a goldsmith and in the future will be able to pass these skills on. Furthermore, they will speed up the making process, making things run more efficiently and leading to a more successful practice. This will also buy me time, meaning I can dedicate time to develop and promote the jewellery collection.

Artist Statement

I create collectable pieces of jewellery that can be worn everyday and treasured for generations.

Borne from a fascination with objects that transform, my debut fine jewellery collection features a series interlocking pieces with interchangeable elements which can be worn in a number of ways. As a traditionally trained goldsmith I enjoy the challenge that these geometric puzzles present both in their design and fabrication.

Handmade with precision in gold, silver, diamonds and pearls, each one fits together in a number of ways providing its wearer a range of options to explore and personalise. Customising bespoke pieces also feeds my commission work.